Air Fryer 'Grilled' Rib-eye Steak


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• 1 (8 Ounces) rib-eye steak [about 1″ thick.]
• Garlic salt.
• Smoked paprika.
• Pepper.
• Olive oil.


-Rub your steak with a touch of olive oil and give a generous seasoning of garlic salt,smoked paprika and pepper on both sides.
-Let it sit on the counter for 25mins to come to room temp.
-Season the basket of your air fryer with some olive oil, rubbing it on the basket with a paper towel.
-Once the steak is at room temp. Turn your air fryer on at 390°degrees for 3mins to preheat it.
-After it preheats, place your steak in the middle of the basket and set your air fryer back to 390°degrees for 10mins, turning the steak at the 5mins mark.
-Once done, remove to a plate and let rest for 5mins before serving.
-This is for a rare steak,,add extra time for how you prefer your steak cooked.


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Air Fryer "Grilled" Rib-eye Steak