A huge hit !! The combination of coconut, caramel and chocolate make a perfect fun little treat that’s completely addictive! This delicious NO BAKE SALTED CARAMEL COCONUT MACAROONS will be one you make again and again !!


– Milk: 3 tbsp
– Salted butter: 6 tbsp
– Kraft caramels: 11 oz bag (wrappers removed)
– Sweetened coconut: 4–5 cups (shredded)
– Chocolate: 4 oz (melting, such as almond bark)
– Sea salt


1- First of all, add milk, butter also caramels to a big pot and set on medium heat. And please melt everything together, and stir often so that blending doesn’t boil .

2- Now that caramel is dissolved & smooth, make sure to add coconut, beginning with 4 cups and blend together until coconut is well golden with caramel. You’ll want to add additional coconut as needed so that coconut is all well cover, it’s important not too “damp” .

3- Once done, scoop out spoonful of about 1 1/2 large spoon of mixture on parchment paper .

4- And please let to cool totally .

5- Immediately pick a little bowl and melt in chocolate according to the package instructions .

6- Alright now, you can dip bottoms of every macaroon to chocolate, and set back to the parchment paper to dry. Afterwads, spread with some additional chocolate also powder with sea salt .

7- To finish, permit the cookies to firm fully, then serve & ENJOY