3 Ingredient Nutella Mug Cake Recipe


Today, we’re going to take a look at making a Nutella mug cake using only three ingredients and no eggs! This cake in a mug recipe is super simple and can be made in less than 4 minutes.

If you and your family love Nutella then this delicious cake recipe will make the perfect family dessert as it can be pre-prepared and made as a sweet and delicious treat after meals.

This Nutella mug cake recipe is one of the best and most simple recipes to try with kids. They can pick their favorite mug, whip up the ingredients and then cook in the microwave. If you serve with soft-scoop icecream they are sure to love it!

Anyone with a sweet tooth or that loves to collect great budget dessert recipes to try should be sure to add this cake in a mug recipe to their list.

Let’s take a look at how to make this delicious and sweet 3 ingredient Nutella mug cake recipe.


3 x Tbsp of Nutella.

4 x Tbsp of self-rising flour.

2 x Tbsp of milk.


Add the Nutella, self-rising flour and milk into a mug.
Mix and combine thoroughly until smooth.
Place in Microwave on High for approximately 1-1½ minutes.
Serve with Ice cream or a dollop of Nutella and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

When making this Nutella mug cake recipe in a microwave, please note: Microwaves can vary when it comes to High heat settings. You should adjust the timings depending on the wattage of your microwave. It’s a good idea to give this mug cake recipe a trial run before making for family and friends.
When picking a mug to bake your Nutella cake. Ensure the mug is plain or does not contain metallic decals or patterning that can be affected in the microwave.
Some great toppings or additions to this Nutella mug cake recipe are soft-scoop icecream, roasted hazelnuts or perhaps even a nice dollop of additional Nutella.


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