Strawberry Cheesecake

How to make strawberry cheesecake:

A large box of Graham cracker biscuit.
A small cup and a half of butter.
Half a box of cream cheese.
A small spoon in the size of gelatin powder.
A large cup and a half of whipped cream.
A small spoon the size of vanilla.
Half a large cup of white sugar.
A large box of strawberry jelly.

How to prepare strawberry cheesecake:

Bring an electric mixer, then put the biscuit with butter in it, so that the mixture is ground until the biscuit absorbs the butter and the biscuit becomes very smooth.
Bring a serving tray or a cheesecake pan, put the biscuits in it, and stack the biscuits well with your hands in the tray or tray, then put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour.
After that, mix the cheese, with fresh cream, vanilla, until you get a very thick mixture, then add the gelatin with a quarter cup with boiling liquid water, add it to this mixture and mix it again with the addition of a small amount of white sugar, and then pour it over Spread the biscuits well.
Then put it back in the refrigerator until it holds together well for about two hours.
Dissolve the jelly with a cup and a half of hot water well, then add one and a half cups of cold water, while continuing to stir.
Finally, pour the jelly mixture over the cheesecake pan until it forms the last layer, then leave the jelly batter in the refrigerator for about three hours or until the mixture sticks well, and then serve cold.
Tips for the best cheesecake
The cheese should be at room temperature and not refrigerated, so that it mixes well with the ingredients, and to ensure that there are no lumps that do not dissolve in the mixture.
We can use any cream cheese, but hard cheese is always preferred rather than liquid or spreadable cheese.
You can also use any kind of biscuit, but plain ones are preferred.
Fillings can be exchanged for any square type you prefer.

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