Kinny Pizza Rolls


I love to create healthy alternatives to the most CRAVED foods!
-Um… yum! All the flavor of your favorite pizza rolls with less of the guilt. I love that these are homemade and not from a box–You can taste the love that goes into the preparation
-I finally made these after waiting so long!! As you can see from the picture I added, my boyfriend tried to make his really look like the frozen pizza rolls, he kept calling mine pizza rangoons. It was fun and very tasty!!
-Tammy, I am going to make these and try to freeze them as well. (they were gone in a hurry the first time I made them!)
I would cook them before freezing them. Then thaw them out a bit before re-baking them. I dont see why that wouldnt work.🙂
-Really like this recipe – it’s quick, easy and tasty. I especially love the crispness of the wantons. I had large wrappers, so I filled mine with a bit more than a tablespoon of the filling, and tucked the extra wrapping underneath. Thanks for the recipe, Katie!

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