Easy Beef And Broccoli (With Carrots)


If I could only profess my love to my crockpot, I would have done for several times already. This wonderful piece of kitchen equipment has saved me from a number of times now. This time, however, it gets the help from my very own mother.

I am a bit busy lately. Projects are coming in and I had to supervise them. The set up with my job is that I am managing my projects online. While it is convenient most of the time, it sometimes makes me forget about things. My mother visited us and stayed with us for a couple of nights. During her last day, despite my busy schedule, I pushed to bring her to the airport, bringing my sons with us.

We were on our way home when I realized I haven’t prepared anything for dinner! While I wanted to give my husband a warm home cooked meal, it seemed he has to settle with take out. Just as I parked on our favorite restaurant, I checked my phone messages. There was a text message from my mom and it simply said, “Beef and broccoli is cooking. Don’t worry about dinner.” Oh God. She was such a lifesaver. Thanks, Mom!

To Make this Recipe You’ll Need the following ingredients:

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2 Tbsps. cornstarch
2 Tbsps. water
1/2 Teaspoon garlic powder
Main Ingredients
1 Pound beef round steak / strips
4 C. broccoli
1 Small onion
2 Each carrots
2 Tbsps. vegetable oil
1/3 C. reduced sodium soy sauce
2 Tbsps. brown sugar
1 Teaspoon. ground ginger
1 Tbsp. corn starch
1/2 C. water


Coating: In a bowl, combine cornstarch, water, and garlic powder. Mix until smooth. Toss beef in this mixture.

Sauce: In a bowl, combine soy, brown sugar, ground ginger, corn starch, and water. Mix until smooth.

In a large skillet or wok over medium high heat, stir-fry beef in 1 tablespoon oil until beef is browned. Remove and keep warm.

Stir-fry brocolli, carrots, and onion in the remaining oil. Add the beef and sauce.

Cook about 3 minutes, continously stirring to ensure even cooking.

Serve over rice.

by: Mark Garin
Source: cookpad.com


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