Dreamsicle Trifle


Just this once, I will tell you some things about the future. Usually I would not do so because of the terrible, horrifying consequences that could result from disrupting the time line, but this dessert is really good. So keep it under your hats, but right after the cupcake phase has waned, puddings will rise. The recent history of above-average cakes and puddings will then lead naturally into a resurgence of the trifle.

I will let you in on this particular trifle recipe both because it is fantastically delicious, and because it seems to date back to right now. So that’s all right!


8 servings

2 large cans mandarin oranges

1 cup heavy whipping cream

1 pint orange sherbet

8 oz cool whip

1 angel food cake

1 box orange gelatin mix


Cube angel food cake into medium size chunks. Set aside.
Pour 1 cup of juice (only the juice) from a can of Mandarin oranges into a deep bowl. Place in microwave for 2 mind or until juice is at a boil.

Add gelatin packet to hot juice & whisk until it absorbs. Then add pint of sherbet, stir until sherbet is melted. Once melted, add heavy whipping cream & whisk until combined thoroughly. Set aside.

In a large serving bowl or trifle bowl line the bottom with 1/3 of your angel food cake chunks. Then pour 1/3 of the orange mix & spread evenly. Ontop of that spread 1/3 of your container of cool whip. Top cool whip with mandarin oranges & repeat the previous steps until all ingredients are used up & you’ve ended with mandarin oranges. Serve & enjoy!?


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