1960 Original Kentucky Buttermilk Biscuit


We eat it with a lot of dishes—from appetizer to main course to dinner, we don’t mind seeing them there at the table or eating them. Our family itself has its own version of the recipe for buttermilk biscuits, and it’s something that all of us in the next generation already know by heart. We’re not required to know all of the other recipes, but this one is a family favorite that any of us should be able to come to the rescue just in case there’s a sudden need to bake a new batch—yes, we eat them fast.

This recipe brings us the better version of these classic southern biscuits. They both taste perfect, but these biscuits are softer, more moist, and a bit fluffier than our family’s version of them. It’s a little easier to make too. Traditional recipes tend to take time and a whole lot of effort because they used to make things from scratch years ago. But if you’re in dire need of immediate biscuits that will be a hit to your visitors, this recipe is truly for you. Go check it out!

Quick Tip: The biscuits will turn out flat if you follow the recipe for self-rising flour biscuits using all-purpose flour. Make sure you’re using self-rising flour.

To Make this Recipe You’ll Need the following ingredients:

I once brought this over to a friend’s house where we’d meet for our monthly reunions. They’re a hit with my friends! The good thing about them was they loved to eat “everything with anything”! My biscuits were gone in the first hour. They ate them with jams, butter, maple syrup, and even bits of ham and bacon. You gotta love my food lovin’ friends!

I am one of those who try to substitute everything with the ingredients that I have on hand. And while they work on most dishes, they really don’t work with baking. Imagine how many kitchen disasters I ended up having just because I was trying to make biscuits with substituted ingredients. This recipe is a blessing, Christy!

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